Facial care for men-Acne / Acne scars / Double chin
First time treatment: Full course S$88
Our special deal for facial careFace Slim A great anti-acne strategy!

Our Facial Care Course features a variety of services.
Through counseling, we cater to each customer's wishes and requests to propose the most appropriate method.

Be the best-looking man, without acne!
 Dandy House's great anti-acne strategy! 
For acne and acne scars

Try our Men's Facial care!First time treatment: Full course S$88

For lustrous, healthy skin by an intensive cleansing

After we remove all pollutants by an effective cleansing of your face,  
we will clean your pores thoroughly with dirt and oil. 
Then a special mask for acne will apply you to moisturize your skin and make it smooth.
Cleansing with brush
Opening pores
Suction / Squeezing
Super Rich Mask

Utilizes massaging and machines to completely clean away old keratin and pores clogged with oil and dirt, which cause premature aging. By regularly removing the dirt from clogged pores. the secretion of sebum will be smoothed, which promotes revitalization of the skin. Guides you to vibrant, healthy skin by our great anti-acne strategy which also addresses your concerns of shine, pimples, dryness, dullness, etc.

For all those troubled by acne and acne scars! 
Have faith in Dandy House's great anti-acne strategy! 
You will be suprised by the change of your bumpy and greasy skin to unbelievably smooth skin!

"I use cosmetics and medication everyday, go to the dermatologist, and have tried various things myself but my skin still hasn't become beautiful!", there are probably many people who have had such troubles. Improper method of acne care ends up causing severe unevenness and pigmentation.
For people who are concerned about acne and acne scars, please have a consultation with us first. With Dandy House's complete knowledge of men's skin, let's give your best shot at transforming your oily, bumpy skin into egg-like skin so smooth it will surprise you!

Try our Men's Facial care!First time treatment: Full course S$88

Inside and outside care against acne

What is the cause of acne? Sebum produced by the sebaceous gland ends up clogging pores, and this clogging causes acne. As for this cause, there are 2 points: sebum cannot escape from clogged pores, and/or too much sebum is produced and clogs the pore.

  • These causes such as
  • Skin structure

Try our Men's Facial care!First time treatment: Full course S$88

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