Relaxation Course

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Relaxing your body and mind

Aroma Reflexology

Dandy House's original reflexology that combines aroma oil and techniques from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Europe. Refresh with our meticulous massage from your calves to the soles of your feet and the tips of your toes.

S$100 (tax included)

Phyto Therapy (For slim legs/tired legs)

Uses a blend of aroma oils and traditional lymph drainage. It is recommended for those whose feet feel tired, fatigued, cold, or swollen.

S$210 (tax included)

Aroma Healing Therapy

Dandy House's original massage that uses a combination of essential oils and the Juzen method. Promotes relaxation of the mind and body while wrapping you in hand massage and the fragrance of aromatherapy. We select essential oils tailored to each individual.

S$260 (tax included)

Salt massage (weight loss/swelling)

By massaging the whole body with salt that contains minerals, it promotes blood circulation and relieves fatigue and stiffness of the whole body. Aims for weight loss that feels great with the crunchy feel of the salt and the comfort of hand massage while tightening the whole body.

S$260 (tax included)

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